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What Is a Physician?
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In Hawaii, not all doctors are Medical Doctors (MDs) or Doctors of Osteopathy (DOs). An MD or DO physician is highly skilled and trained in the science and art of medicine. An MD must have a completed a minimum of the followingrequirements:

  • Graduation from an accredited four-year university with a minimum of one and a half years of study in chemistry, one year of study in physics, and one year of study in biology.
  • Graduation from four years of medical school.
  • Completion of one year of residency in order to be licensed as an MD (sometimes more, depending on state).
  • Additional three or more years, can be as many as eight, of clinical training to master a specialty.

Osteopathic physicians (DOs) are trained similarly to MDs in scientific medicine, but they place special emphasis on the role of the bones, muscles, and joints in the healthy functioning of the human body. A DO can prescribe medicines and is eligible to belong to the HMA.

In addition to their medical diplomas, some physicians also are lawyers, teachers, public health administrators, and certified financial planners. Also, some are artists, sculptors, photographers, and musicians.

Physicians also participate in community service. Some are involved in marathons or serve as team physicians for football, baseball, and other team sports. Others work in child abuse prevention, societies to help the deaf and hearing impaired, assistance to the aging and elder citizens, environmental issues, alcohol and other substance abuse issues, toxic waste control, communicable disease prevention and cure. Many devote their time to political action such as legislative lobbying and support of political issues and candidates.

An MD or DO is not just a person called "Doctor"- they are caring, nurturing, and dedicated persons who place humankind first and foremost.

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