In recognition of the significant economic hardship that our HMA Members are facing this year, we have decreased HMA dues.

We understand that 2020 has been financially tough for our Hawaii physicians. Please know that we are committed to supporting our clinicians through continued advocacy, and educational and community initiatives, as we move through this challenging time.

Why should I join HMA, when all Hawaii physicians benefit from HMA efforts, whether I pay dues or not?

Our HMA leaders have been serving medicine and our Hawaii ohana for decades, and it is truly a labor of love. Our rewards are realized whenever our doctors can focus on their clinical work and take care of their patients without so many of the impediments and obstacles that hamper our calling.

Our community advocacy, research analysis and connections have helped stave off burdensome regulatory requirements, improve the healthcare landscape for Hawaii physicians and get bills passed that will benefit doctors and the patients they treat.

HMA leaders are your strong voice and unified representation whenever you need any help in your community, with your group practice, your healthcare system, county and state Hawaii leaders. However our daily operations do rely 100% on the membership dues. Please help us fulfill our mission for you!

Become an HMA Member today!

Support and Strengthen Organized Medicine

Additional Benefits:

Legislative Advocacy

HMA is the largest organization to represent the interests of physicians, regardless of specialty, before the state legislature and state government concerning laws and regulations that directly impact your practice and patient safety. HMA is at the forefront of advocating for solutions to help alleviate the patient access to care crisis in Hawaii.

Protecting Your Practice

For its members, the HMA and county society peer review program provides assistance to prevent and resolve patient complaints before they impact your medical license, practice, or reputation.


HMA provides accreditation to make CME courses available throughout the state; forums and seminars on legislative, economic, and social topics in medicine; and the Ola Pono Ike Medical Gala, a benefit event held each year to highlight issues in health care and featuring HMA’s Physician of the Year award presentation.

* HMA estimates that 35.5% of your HMA dues are not deductible for income tax purposes due to lobbying activities on behalf of members.

All applicants must join both the Hawaii Medical Association and their respective County Medical Society.

Installment plans are available; simply contact HMA, (808) 536-7704 or toll-free (888) 536-2792.

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