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Serving Hawaii since 1856, the Hawaii Medical Association (HMA) is a voluntary, professional membership organization for physicians, resident physicians, and medical students in the state of Hawaii. HMA is dedicated to serving physicians, their patients, and the community through representation, advocacy, and public service.

HMA is part of the American Medical Association (AMA) and is the parent organization for Hawaii's five component medical societies that operate independently, but in a network with the HMA:

  • Honolulu County Medical Society
  • Maui County Medical Society
  • West Hawaii Medical Society

Goals & Objectives

The goals and purposes of the HMA and its county medical societies are to:

  1. Promote the science and art of medicine and strive to improve public health. 
  2. Participate in the development of health policy for the state.
  3. Provide information related to medicine.
  4. Establish and maintain standards of professional conduct and performance.
  5. Participate in evaluation and maintenance of standards for medical education.
  6. Preserve high quality of care standards.
  7. Assist physicians in responding to the changing medical practice environment.

Current Officers of the Hawaii Medical Association

Michael K Champion, MD
Jerry Van Meter, MD
Immediate Past-President

Phone: 808-432-2243
Angela Pratt, MD

Phone: 808-948-8788
Thomas Kosasa, MD

Phone: 808-949-2304
Christopher Flanders, DO
Executive Director

Phone: 808-536-7703

Founding Documents

‚ÄčOn May 19, 1856, ten physicians presented a petition to the Privy Council of King Kamehameha IV, requesting to a charter of incorporation. The Council immediately approved the petition with the following words:

Hooloia; O ka palapala noi a Hillebrand ma, aiwa lakou, he poe Kahuna [!] la kou, i palapala hui na lakou, ua aeia, a ua kauohaia ke Kuhina Kalaiaina e haawi aku, me ka malama aku, ua pololei Ke kakau ana.
Resolved; That the Petition of Dr. Hillebrand and nine others, medical men, for a charter are [sic] granted, and the Minister of the Interior is directed to grant the same, taking care that it be properly drawn up.

After the organization held its first meeting on August 13th, the Charter was published in The Pacific Commercial Advertiser on August 21st and in The Polynesian on August 30th.

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The Voice of One,
The Strength of Many.

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