April 2022 Legislative Committee Update

We are now in the last month of the 2022 Hawaii State Legislative Session. The HMA Legislative Committee has been busy at work under the leadership of Drs. Lisa Ignacio (chair) and Beth England (vice chair). Prior to the beginning of session, we published our 2022 Legislative Priorities. These serve as a guide to focus our advocacy efforts. Based on these priorities, our team organized into five workgroups to provide more efficiency and structure to our work. We implemented a four-level prioritization schema to define the level of time and resource investment each tracked bill or resolution would receive. For this session, HMA legislative efforts have involved tracking close to 100 bills/ resolutions with over 70 testimony submissions thus far. Regular reports are made to membership via email and updates in the members-only section of the website.

As we are all aware, navigating the state’s political landscape is a delicate task. While HMA tends to follow AMA closely on public policy issues – working with the AMA Advocacy Resource Center and drawing on their policy libraries and direct discussions with their staff – we still need local agreement on multiple levels, including priorities, strategy and approach, timeliness, and resource allocation. With our diverse membership, we represent physicians from a variety of backgrounds with differing opinions, experiences, and priorities. Understanding that the Hawaii State Legislature waits for no one, our team must make decisions based on the best information we have, and sometimes without the benefit of clear consensus. But as anyone who reads our testimony will see, our team represents HMA and its members with respect, reason, and research. Next month, we will report on the results and impact of our efforts.

Elizabeth Ann Ignacio, MD – Chair ~ Beth England, MD – Vice Chair ~ Marc Alexander, Executive Director

The Voice of One,
The Strength of Many.