Member Profile – Geri Young, MD

NLO What drew you to medicine?
GY I have wanted to be a physician since I was seven years old on O‘ahu. My parents supported my decision completely, so I was very fortunate.

NLO What challenges do you see for the medical profession in Hawaii?
GY The greatest challenge for young people going into medicine now is the cost. Undergraduate and medical school tuitions continue to increase. In addition, Hawai‘i has a very high cost of living, including extremely expensive real estate.

NLO Are there specific challenges practicing medicine on Kauai?
GY It has always been a challenge recruiting and retaining physicians on the neighbor islands, and Kaua‘i is no different. It is absolutely beautiful here and the patients are wonderful, but initially happy to move here begin to miss their relatives on the mainland and move back to be closer to family.

NLO What is the most rewarding thing about being in medicine?
GY The long-time relationships with patients and their families. Caring for the children and grandchildren of my former patients while contributing to our mission to create a healthier Hawai‘i have been a priceless gift.

NLO What hobbies and/or interests do you enjoy in your spare time?
GY I spend a lot of time with my husband, our sons, family members who live on O‘ahu and lifelong
friends. For exercise, I enjoy walking while listening to audiobooks. Kaua‘i has so many beautiful trails, both near the ocean and in the mountains.

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