February 2022 President’s Message

Aloha Kakou,

As I try to keep up with what’s happening in the world, I can’t help but notice that the headlines are filled with things that keep people apart.  You notice words like abuse, wrongdoing, disputes, arrests, violence, accusation, bribery, etc. but rarely do you find news about the good things in life.

All this made me realize that our community is in need of more things that provide unity.  Even in our own vocation, the need for unity is greater than ever:  Covid has left many of us isolated; healthcare professionals have experienced increasing workloads and suffer from fatigue and burnout; and our medical students and young professionals face an ever-challenging and unsure economic environment.

As members of HMA, we can find solace and comfort in our unity.  Our Legislative Committee is working to make our collective voice heard at the highest government levels. We’re constantly searching for new ways to provide greater member value, like CME opportunities, business discounts and mentoring programs.

We’re also looking for more social activities.  As we exit this last round of Covid, there is a real need for us to celebrate as a medical community.  I’m so glad we’re creating a spring event; we all need the chance to kick back, renew old friendships and make new ones.  Read more about our Pa’ina in our newsletter, Na Leo Ola.

Thank you so much for your membership in HMA.  Together, we’ll handle any issue that comes before us, and together we’ll create a brighter, healthier future for our medical community and our island home.

The Voice of One,
The Strength of Many.