Dr. William Haning III Appointed to University of Hawaii Board of Regents

Gov. David Ige appointed Dr. William Haning, III (JABSOM MD 1975), director of the UH Addiction Psychiatry/Addiction Medicine Fellowship Programs and deputy program director of the UH Psychiatry Residency Program to the University of Hawaiʻi’s (UH) Board of Regents.

The Board of Regents has exclusive jurisdiction over the internal structure, management and operation of the UH System. Dr. Haning’s seat will represent the City & County of Honolulu. His appointment was confirmed by the Senate on April 14, 2021 and will run from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2026.

Dr. Haning says his interest in the UH of Board of Regents stems from over 40 years in public, civilian and military service. “I sense that we are slipping away from the idealism which drove innovation in higher education in the 1960s, and certainly away from practical, material support for innovation. Rather than existing only to serve the needs of industry, tertiary or university education can be the industry for which Hawaiʻi becomes famed. We are already perceived as among the safest places in America, potentially a refuge for the education of other states’ and nations’ children.”

He added, “The University can also prove a driver of remedies for our public primary and secondary schools. While I am certainly practical enough and old enough to not harbor grand expectations, I believe that the direction in which we should take Hawaiʻi’s education is to make a glory of it. I have watched the Board’s exertions in this direction for some while, and am grateful for the chance to lend my own effort.”

Dr. Haning, professor emeritus of psychiatry, retired as director of undergraduate medical education at JABSOM in 2017. He has received numerous awards including the American Psychiatric Association’s Nancy C.A. Roeske Certificate, the UH Regents Medal and was named 2014 HMA Physician of the Year. He is a retired US Naval Captain and has won the Legion of Merit. Dr. Haning is a proud graduate of Punahou School, Princeton University and JABSOM.

Dr. Haning is excited to serve in this role and said, “We speak often of school, at whatever level, as preparation. The preceding year, just as in years that harbored earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, even economic recessions, has tested our preparedness in response to infectious disease. There will be other tests, potentially more lethal; the possibility of armed international conflict persists in the world of 2021. A role of the university is to ready us, in identifying and quantifying those risks, in developing the fitness and endurance of our children, and in advising the government how best to secure the safety and prosperity of this fragile home.”

Congratulations to Dr. Haning and thank you for accepting this important role in our community.


Dr. Michael Champion
President, Hawaii Medical Association

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